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We are delighted to share with you the latest release on MCR Collective, this months release is “ICU2” by label debutant Dogstare is OUT NOW and available to listen and download for free via the link 👇

#Dogstare aka Paul Mcguinness at the tender age of 44 has been DJing and producing music for the last 25 years under a few different guises like Inbetween Djs(on Aaron Carls Detroit label Wallshaker from 2005-2010) before Aaron sadly passed away and the releases and label passed with him. He then went onto form Minus Five Wolves with fellow DJ/Producer Dave Coates of whom have had remixes and original tracks out on labels like RF Recordings over in Canada(Rennie Fosters label) and 3am Recordings in Leeds UK amongst many others, the pair are now working on new projects with vocalists,musicians that will shape their live act coming in the near future.

As for Dogstare his whole ethos as a producer is to firstly not take the industry in its current state too seriously and have some fun in the studio with more of a experimental feel. He has produced everything from House to Techno so far in 2019 whilst also co running his label No Monsters Music with Aleksandra Kotlewska(aka Olaa) the pair Dogstare & Olaa are currently working on some new tracks with more of a emotional(dare I say melodic house vibe) Paul’s influences are so wide and varied musically with being a part of the underground house and techno scene for so many many years he was often seen on the dance-floors of Cream,Back to Basics way back the early 90’s, you can hear this in his productions from jacking grooves to percussion elements and synth’d out techno style textures.

So whats next for Dogtsare well he has a new Ep out on Deep Down Dirty(Turning Point EP) along with Rennie Lincoln which is more a Melodic Techno vibe which has already received some big plays along with being selected for Beatport hype section, and a new EP fourth coming on RF called “Message Unread” this is a driving mid tempo techno affair complete with some thought provoking samples, and also various other releases to be confirmed including ones on his own label No Monsters Music. He really enjoyed making the track “ICU2” and is grateful to MCR Collective for signing the track he describes it as a tech tribal work out and almost a direct tribute to producers like Danny Tenaglia,Joeski,and not forgetting Halo & Hip E who he adored for their atmospheric and groovy percussive flawless productions in the 2000’s(because the term the naughties is a ridiculous one) So he hopes you all enjoy the track and download at your leisure its nice to be able to give something back every now and then.

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